IMP Presentations at RSNA 2014

Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
in Chicago, Nov. 30 Dec. 05, 2014

The Institute of Medical Physics (IMP) of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg will be represented strongly again at the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). This will includeone invited lecture, one refresher course, four scientific papers, one poster and one session chair.


Invited Lecture

 Sunday, Nov. 30

State of the art, recent advances and applications of CT.
WA Kalender



Refresher Courses

 Monday, Dec. 01

Minicourse: Recording and Reporting Radiation Dose: National and International Perspectives and Activities
RC 523B: WA Kalender: The European Perspective


Scientific Papers

Tuesday, Dec. 02

J Kuttig, C Steiding, D Kolditz, W A Kalender
Detective Quantum Efficiency Investigation Demonstrates High Dose Saving Potential for Breast CT Using a Cadmium Telluride Detector
Rm S403B; 11:10

S V Vollmar, D Kolditz, M Hupfer, W A Kalender
Dose to Organs and Tissues from Scattered Radiation in Breast CT: Impact on Effective Dose
Rm S404A; 11:00

Wednesday, Dec. 03

C. Steiding, D Kolditz, F Althoff, W A Kalender
Fully Automated Geometric Calibration of a Tiled Directly-converting Single X-ray Photon Counting Detector Array for CT
Rm S403B; 10:40

Friday, Dec. 05

M Hupfer, W A Kalender
Fast and Easy Estimates of Dose from Localizer Radiographs in Clinical CT Based on Pre-calculated Monte Carlo Tables
Rm S403A; 11:30



Wednesday, Dec. 03

N Saltybaeva, W A Kalender
Estimates of Effective Dose for CT Scans of the Lower Extremities
PH Community Lakeside Learning Center, 12:45 13:15,


Session Chair

Sunday, Nov. 30

W Kalender, X Pan
ISP SESSION: Physics - Computed Tomography I: New Techniques/Systems
Rm S403B ; 10:45 - 12.45

Thursday, Dec. 04

International Society for Strategic Studies in Radiology Meeting 2014

SESSION 1: Regulatory Hurdles in Imaging
N. Beauchamp, W Kalender
Moderation Panel Discussion

Rm McCormick Place Chicago; 13:55 - 14.30