IMP Presentations at RSNA 2013

Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
in Chicago, Dec. 01 06, 2013

The Institute of Medical Physics (IMP) of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg will be represented strongly again at the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). This will include six scientific papers, two posters and two refresher courses.



Refresher Courses

 Wednesday, Dec. 04

Minicourse: Recording and Reporting Radiation Dose: National and International Perspectives and Activities
RC 523B: WA Kalender: The European Perspective
08:00-10:00 pdf

Thursday, Dec. 05

Cardiac Radiology Series: Cardiac Dual Energy CT
VSCA51-01: WA Kalender: Technique
08:30-12:00 pdf


Scientific Papers

Monday, Dec. 02

F Lueck, D Kolditz, M Hupfer, W A Kalender
Experimental Validation of Shaped Filter Design with Variable Source-to-Filter Distance for Breast CT with Respect to Image Quality and Dose
Rm S403A; 10:30

R Hendrych, M Beister, W A Kalender
Design and Evaluation of an Interactive MPR Viewer for Real-time Filtering of Large High-resolution Breast CT Data
Rm S403B; 15:00

Tuesday, Dec. 03

W A Kalender, D Kolditz, A Roessler, C Steiding, E Wenkel, R Schultz-Wendtland
Dedicated high-resolution breast CT can outperform digital mammography and breast tomosynthesis at equivalent dose levels
Rm E450A; 15:30 pdf

Wednesday, Dec. 04

N Saltybaeva, D Kolditz, B Schmidt, W A Kalender
Patient-specific whole-body voxel models for accurate organ and effective dose estimation
Rm S403A; 11:40

Friday, Dec. 06

N Saltybaeva, B Schmidt, D Kolditz, W A Kalender
Assessment of patient dose from CT localizer radiographs
Rm S403B; 10:40

J Wicklein, O Beuing, M Skalej, S Serowy, W A Kalender, Y Kyriakou, H Kunze
Preliminary clinical evaluation of an online intrascan motion-correction algorithm for interventional C-arm Flat-Detector CT
Rm S403B; 11:10



N Saltybaeva, M Hupfer, D Kolditz, B Schmidt, W A Kalender
Fast and easy dose estimates including tube current modulation and automatic exposure control
Monday, Dec. 02, 12:45 13:15, Lakeside Learning Center

A Roessler, C Steiding, D Kolditz, E Wenkel, R Schultz-Wendtland, W A Kalender  
Objective evaluation of low-contrast detectability and high-contrast resolution for different breast imaging modalities by means of breast simulating phantoms with arbitrary positionable inserts
Wednesday, Dec. 04, 12:15 12:45, Lakeside Learning Center



Session Chair

Sunday, Dec. 01

W Kalender, JM Boone
SESSION: Physics (Low-Dose CT Imaging)
Rm S404AB ; 10:45